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Changing space, creating a mood

We think and use every
millimetre of space

The space we inhabit has immense influence on us. It can replenish resources, charge and energize. Our home is a place of unwavering strength.

The furniture crafted by Nook specialists is a labor of love, a masterpiece born from a journey of meticulous thought and unwavering passion. Every detail is carefully considered, from the graceful movement of the door handle to the warm glow of light that illuminates our space, or the seamless functionality of a newly opened drawer. Our furniture is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends into our lives.

Space amplifies our every endeavor, and Nook furniture is not just an accessory, but an extension of our very soul within our interior. It becomes a cherished part of our being, an embodiment of our unique story, and a reflection of our innermost self. Nook furniture is not just furniture, but an inseparable part of who we are.

Core values

Tables and Desks

Having a personalized desk or kitchen table, meticulously crafted with every detail in its perfect place, is of utmost importance in creating a functional and stylish interior.


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a stunning blend of form and function. Custom-designed to suit your unique needs, offering a seamless integration of style and practicality in your kitchen space.


Shelving and Bookcases

Custom-designed to meet your storage needs, they provide the perfect solution for displaying your cherished belongings, organizing your space, and adding a touch of elegance to your interior.


Wardrobes and Closets

Designed to suit your unique style and storage requirements, custom-crafted wardrobes and closets are a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.


Cabinets and Storage Systems

Discover the joy of having a clutter-free space with our exquisite cabinets and storage solutions. Our custom-made cabinets are tailored to fit seamlessly into your space, providing ample storage for everything you need, from kitchen essentials to office supplies and more.


seating options

From cozy window nooks to functional banquettes, our custom-made seating solutions are designed to elevate your home's comfort and aesthetics.


Beds and Headboards

Our custom-made beds evoke a sense of comfort, relaxation, and style, transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in luxurious comfort.


Home Entertainment Centers

For handcrafted retreats furniture seamlessly integrates with your interior, adding a touch of sophistication and convenience to your home entertainment setup.


Room Dividers and Partitions

Our custom-made designs are carefully crafted to seamlessly blend with your interior, creating distinct zones while maintaining a sense of openness.


Accessories and Lighting Fixtures

From statement pieces to subtle accents, our custom-made designs add the perfect finishing touch to your space


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We think and use every millimeter of space

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Changing space, creating a mood



Nook boasts a vast range of materials for your selection including laminate, dry wood, steel, glass, mirror and so much more. Our material innovation is continuous in keeping up with the latest technology, methods and equipment.